Should You Buy A Restaurant

Are you interested in the restaurant or food service business, but don’t know whether to go the franchise route or start your own business from scratch?

The food service industry is the largest and most prominent sector in franchising today, and while not entirely risk-free, it’s often perceived as a safer bet for new business owners.

Of course, restaurant franchise ownership isn’t for everyone. Being an Orlando franchise owner requires a particular type of personality, solid research, and a willingness to work within the confines of someone else’s entrepreneurial vision.

Below are some pros and cons that are worth bearing in mind as you explore the franchising option.

1. Franchise Restaurants Have Clarity of Concept

One of the big reasons many restaurants fail isn’t the lack of a strategic plan, but the lack of a well-defined concept. A restaurant’s concept is embodied by many things – the food product, operating philosophy, and customer relations. It’s about what you sell, who you sell it to, and what your competitive advantage is. Franchises offer the distinct advantage of an already defined and proven concept – something to think about as you weigh the pros and cons.

2. The Brand is Established

Closely tied to having a clear business concept is the fact that when you buy into a franchise, much of the branding has been done for you. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have an instant hit on your hands.  This is especially true if you are buying into a fairly new franchise model which may not have a proven marketing plan in place. Before you buy into the franchise, quiz the franchisor about its marketing plan, and how it can help you.

3. Support from the Franchisor

Becoming a franchisee brings with it many benefits you won’t get as an independent restaurant owner, such as training, custom software, advertising campaigns, marketing materials, and phone and email support. This doesn’t mean you can disengage your business brain. Remember, you are part of a network of franchisees, and getting help right when you need it isn’t always realistic; be prepared to exercise your problem-solving skills too.

4. Group Purchasing

This is a big win for a small business owner in startup mode. If you are an independent business owner, it will take some time to build up the buying power to qualify for discounted rates on purchases. Franchisors, however, buy in bulk and pass those savings on to you.

5. Turn a Profit Quicker (Perhaps)

I’m hesitant about putting this in the pros category because there are no quick wins in business. Yes, you will benefit from existing brand recognition and that may help you turn a profit quicker than going it alone, but you still will have costs from the get-go, such as loans, franchise fees, business expenses, payroll and other overhead. So, don’t expect an instant hit on your hand. Think long-term, and as with all small business owners, have a financial buffer to carry you through at least the first year.

The Cons of Being a Restaurant Franchisee

1. Franchising Isn’t an Entrepreneurial Model

SBA guest blogger and franchising consultant, Joel Libava (aka “The Franchise King”) makes the point in his book, “Become a Franchise Owner” that “…becoming a franchise owner means you are investing in someone else’s entrepreneurial vision.” What does that mean? Well, how much creativity and trailblazing does following someone else’s business model and vision afford you? If you see yourself as the next Smith & Wollensky or Gordon Ramsay, then owning a franchise restaurant may not be right for you.

That being said, becoming a franchisee doesn’t mean you are entirely bound to the franchisor’s way of doing things, as Joel points out: “Who’s doing the hiring and firing? Whose name is on the commercial lease? Who’s the one trying to grow your business? You are. You’re the franchise owner. Sure you have to follow the rules. Does that make you any less of a business owner?”

Selling your Florida business for the highest price is the result of years of dedication and persistence and the dream of many entrepreneurs. Finding buyers for your business sale can be difficult if you aren’t in a hot industry or lack unsolicited offers. An option to gain access to a larger pool of buyers and a structured selling process is to consider an Orlando business broker for all of your brokerage needs.

2. Brand and Menu Guidelines

Each franchise has guidelines that control not only what’s on your menu but how your restaurant looks – it’s a proven formula that works. There’s no room for entrepreneurial diversification here and that means no spicing up the menu or using ingredients that aren’t approved. You’ll also need to abide by customer service standards.

3.  Fees

I touched on this in the profitability point above: there is no getting away from franchise fees that, according to Libava, can be anywhere from $150,000 to more than $1 million. This and any costs you might incur for advertising campaigns can eat into your profits if you don’t plan and budget accordingly.


Are You Having Spinal Surgery? Helpful tips

Spinal Surgery – Do you really need it?

Statistically, a vast majority of people will experience lower back problems at some point in their lives. Sometimes these are minor issues, but for many, chronic pain is a long-term problem they’ll likely face. Lower back pain is the cause of millions of days of missed work and billions of dollars in lost productivity annually. This condition is the second-highest cause of disability in the US. Many people believe that the only solution to chronic back pain is spinal surgery.

It’s a belief that’s commonly echoed by general physicians. Unfortunately, it’s also an invasive, costly measure that will result in a long recovery period – not to mention hefty medical bills and an assortment of pain pills.

But did you know that there might be a better option out there?

The trained staff at Orlando Chiropractor are experienced in helping patients identify when spinal surgery might not be the best option. And, if there’s a better way, we can utilize a Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) approach to help outline it for you.

Issues with spinal surgery

Chronic back pain is a major issue that can have negative effects on both physical
and emotional health. Patients who have tried over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription drugs to manage the pain know this is only a short-term solution. Therefore, surgery may seem appealing, as it provides a lasting resolution.

It’s important to remember that every surgery is an inherently invasive procedure, and back surgery is no different. Depending on the problem, surgeryavoid-back-surgery-orlando-chiropractic-care may involve:

  • Removing or replacing damaged discs;
  • Fusing vertebrae;
  • Implementation of a device;
  • Removing bones or ligaments.

Surgery does typically provide results, including decreased pain and greater range of motion. For patients with fractured bones, this may even be the only viable option. However, surgery can result in complications such as damaged nerves or a negative reaction to anesthesia. Many surgery patients also need to undergo physical therapy, which can add years to recovery times.

Don’t forget about the cost, as well! Even if your insurance covers it, back surgery is no trip to the movies and it’ll likely leave you with 4- and 5-digit balances.

The benefits of chiropractic care

When given a surgical recommendation for resolving their back pain, many patients are beginning to turn to chiropractic care as an alternative option. It’s a prospect that’s more holistic, and one that doesn’t include the potentially serious drawbacks of debt and pill addiction.

Research has also demonstrated that chiropractic is a good first option for patients with chronic lower back pain. It’s a smart course of action that can open potential treatment pathways that avoid surgery.

A chiropractor will start you on a program that may include spinal adjustments, which are necessary to correct misalignments in the spine. They may also include treatment options like deep tissue massage therapy and therapeutic exercises and stretches. A sedentary lifestyle is also frequently associated with lower back pain, so developing a diet and exercise plan is often a part of chiropractic treatment.

Understand your Chiropractic options

Chiropractic is a safe and natural way to assess and address back issues, while surgery always includes some level of risk. Stability Health Center is your Seattle, WA aims to help you understand your situation and what your options are if you’re faced with back surgery. In some cases, it’s the best option; in others, a less invasive approach to spinal adjustment might work. You never know unless you ask!

We use Chiropractic Care, a program that’s scientifically proven and designed to get results, to give you the true and honest picture of your spinal wellness. Contact us today for a free consultation.


The Roof Cleaner Project

Roof Cleaning

Our trained experts clean roofs efficiently using top-of-the-line equipment and safely using state-of-the-art fall protection. Our professional Orlando Pressure Washing experts and courteous teams are careful of landscaping and protect the integrity of your roof.

  • Prevent Roof Damage
  • Remove Debris, Moss, Algae
  • Safety Conscious Technicians
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Roof Moss and Gutter Cleaning Treatment

We begin by agitating any large clumps of moss with a stiff brush. Then we blow all the loose debris off the roof with a commercial grade backpack blower. We Orlando Pressure Washingclear all the debris from the inside of the gutters and check that all the downspouts are clear.

We then apply granular zinc sulfate to the roof to kill any remaining moss. Zinc sulfate is cost effective and kills all moss within one month. It is EPA approved and won’t harm your plants or siding. Rain and wind naturally wash away remaining dead moss.

Note: We use a liquid moss treatment for cleaning roofs that are particularaly steep or difficult to access.

Community Roofing Project

As an Orlando Roofing Company and Contractor for more than 50 years, Orlando Roofing has many repeat customers, in both the residential and commercial markets.

Certainly, some roofing companies specialize in one market or the other – which makes sense for many reasons. However, Orlando Roofing Company has made the conscious decision to serve both individual homeowners and large businesses and organizations. Why?

Quite simply, we consider ourselves roofing professionals. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, reliable roofing on all types of buildings – roofing that will withstand all kinds of conditions.

Experience to Provide the Best Roofing Solutions

Whether the building is a home, manufacturing facility, historic church or low-budget warehouse structure, we are dedicated to providing the best structural solution for you.

From solving complex roofing problems in new construction to repairing severeResidential-roofing-contractor-orlando-fl weather damage, our experience serves our customers well. And while it’s easy to see the value our experience brings to the “difficult” jobs, there are also advantages to having roofing professionals with both commercial and residential expertise handle your roofing project – even if it seems routine.

One advantage to using an Orlando roofing contractor with such broad-ranging experience is it expands the solutions available to you. Quite often a commercial material or Orlando Roofing Contractor technique provides the perfect solution to a trick Orlando residential roofing project. Similarly, many design elements in the residential market have been successfully adapted to commercial architecture to provide a unique or signature style – without compromising building integrity or function.

Materials Matter

Another advantage to working with a Orlando roofing contractor experienced in both the residential and commercial markets is the familiarity with a wider variety of materials.

With a diverse client base and installations in buildings of virtually every type, Orlando Roofing works with the best shingle manufacturers, has experience in the latest technology and techniques, and has experience in just about every type of roofing repair known to man (and Mother Nature).

Being able to offer our customers a range of solutions gives them choices in cases where less experienced roofing companies may not have the knowledge or expertise to make good recommendations.

Among the services we provide and recommend when necessary:
Chemical treatments to control algae and moss
Cool Roof solutions and reflective roofing materials for commercial and residential buildings
Shingles and roofing materials from CertainTeed, GAF, Owens-Corning, and other reliable, cutting-edge manufacturers
If you have a concern about your roof or gutters, suspect storm damage, or have been looking for a roofing contractor for any reason, please contact us.

We’ve been working with Orlando Florida homeowners and Orlando commercial property management professionals for more than 50 years. We’d love to help you, too.